Friday, April 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s alleged abortions

Sally Miller claims that during her affair with Bill Clinton back in the day, he revealed that Hillary had multiple abortions. Bombshell, right? But not really. If you’re pro-choice, this is no big deal. Women have abortions so they can advance their careers. That’s actually the point, right? Nothing is going to slow me down. So women should be able to not have abortions, as well, to advance their careers.

Some women—Gloria Steinem, Martha Plimpton, and now, possibly, Hillary Clinton—have abortions because babies get in the way of their work. Those middle-of-the-night leg cramps aren’t conducive to meeting with the press in the morning, the bulging belly might not work with your sitcom script, and then you’ll have the ongoing burden of placing someone else above your ambition—for at least eighteen years.

Other women don’t even care that much. They have abortions because the timing is off. Once I was having little color-coded plates of sushi via conveyor belt in the Pearl District with a woman I hadn’t seen in a long time. I told her about my traveling, and she told me about her abortion—at home, in her bathtub, from some pill.

She had left her husband (with whom she’d been unable to conceive) and gotten pregnant instantly with the new guy. And—this is the part where the California roll became lodged in my throat and I wanted to vomit—she just couldn’t do that to her soon-to-be ex-husband.

That was the last time I saw her.

So there’s all manner of depraved thinking in the abortion arena. Did Hillary have a baby to give herself the “it takes a village¨ platform? Well, why not? If you’re pro-choice, this is the point—it’s all about you. If you’re not, then it should come as no surprise that a pro-abortion politician has had abortions, and then not had an abortion, both to advance her career.

Miller said the Clintons were motivated by their political goals, and how the public would view Hillary:
“They’ve gotta see her as a human. They have to see her — I think in society they always say, ‘If you were a mother, you can’t be half bad. There has to be some love or gentleness or compassion within in you birth a child,’ but that’s not true.”
Does “society” feel that way about mothers? In the eighties, maybe. Now I don’t get that impression. I’ve received plenty of messages about marriage and children: wait to marry, have your life/your time before marriage, and then after marriage you need your time together/your life together before kids, and then have just one so you can return to your life/your time/your career.

I've never heard Hillary Clinton speak about abortion or gay marriage and thought, “At least she’s a mother!” I have thought, “How could a mother support abortion?”

So don’t tell me anyone on either side of the abortion issue is surprised by this.

Here’s the question: What would the Clintons have been like if Hillary embraced marriage and family? If she saw new life as a blessing, nurtured it, and supported her husband? Would Sally Miller have anything to share in a tell-all interview—or would Bill Clinton be a politician she met once at an Arkansas fundraiser, and nothing more?