Monday, April 4, 2016

Women’s rights or women are always right?

The recent uproar over punishing women who have abortions makes me wonder if pro-life and pro-woman are just synonyms for “women can do no wrong.” If we believe a baby is a baby and life begins at conception, then a woman kills a baby when she has an abortion. And if abortion is illegal, then (like all other crimes) she should be punished according to her culpability. As the criminal law has long taught, actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea.

Pro-lifers are up in arms about this.

Why? Because the woman must be the victim? Ironic, that the pro-choice camp claims women should not be held responsible for choosing abortion, as if the choice itself is a spontaneous, nonvoluntary reaction to pregnancy. And I’m not alone in this.

Women initiate 69% of divorces. In a simple breakup, however, there’s a level playing field—men are just as likely as women to end the relationship. Is this because marriage is harder on the woman? She’s the one expected to take care of the house, the kids, and the husband. He runs off to a glamorous job.

But you know what? My garbage man is a man. The plumber is a man. It’s not all bonuses and flights to conferences in four-star hotels. Men work. Women work.

It’s almost like women don’t want any obligations.

We’ve bailed on the whole having babies thing. If we do have them, they’re in small quantities, well-spaced, stopped up with bottles and pacifiers, left to cry it out. They’re passed off to people during the day, so the work we love (the job with the paycheck) can resume after four weeks.

We’re actually saying that in a country with illegal abortions a woman can kill her baby—out of desperation—and then receive “healing” and not a punishment. How desperate do you think a crack addict is when they break into a parked car? How despondent do you think someone is when they point a gun at someone and demand their wallet?

Women seem to think they get a pass. On everything. Dress however you want but men need to show you respect. Divorce your husband when you’re no longer “happy¨ or “fulfilled” in the relationship (but watch out when the man ditches his wife to have fun). Abort your babies and it’s you who needs pity.

Maybe this is happening because we’ve lost any sort of standard. Meet the standard:

Kim Kardashian is not the standard. Miley Cyrus is not the standard. “Anything goes as long as it feels good” is absolutely not the standard. 

Women’s power comes from within, not from without. Posing nude on twitter is not a “statement” and being “pansexual” is not freedom. C.S. Lewis said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

We’ve lost that. We’ve liberated ourselves from humility. We can kill our own children and we’re the ones who need consolation, healing, and pity. We can dump our kids off on daycare workers whose names we don’t even know and we’re all supposed to feel so free to “live our life” as we drive away to the office.

We mock our husbands for not doing more, but then become admin assistants for other men. We get paid to be a wife: keep track of things, remind the boss about what needs to be done, coordinate the office birthday parties, pay bills while on hold with the maintenance department, all while directing someone who’s run up to the desk looking for a manilla envelope.

Women can be wrong. Women are wrong. They’re wrong about what it means to be a woman, about the purpose of their bodies, and their role in the family. And yes, they should be punished if they procure an illegal abortion in the brave new world where such a thing is against the law.