Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Punishing women who have abortions

This makes sense—if abortions are illegal. 

You know how you can buy alcohol if you're twenty-one years old? But you can't buy it when you're seventeen years old? If you consume alcohol, from whatever source—your brother's liquor cabinet, the bartender who didn't card you, or that stolen 22 of Pabst Blue Ribbon—you, the drinker, the consumer, are ticketed, fined, penalized. You did the drinking. 

So if you abort your baby, you would also be punished. You killed your baby.

It's true that the abortion industry preys on women. Women aren't educated, some women don't even speak English when they walk into an abortion clinic, and no one there will be willing to show them a quick ultrasound and give them a listen to their baby's heartbeat. 

But if abortion is illegal, we'll all be lifted out of the cloudy haze of bad science and government-funded propaganda. The Supreme Court will acknowledge that life begins at conception, and that's why it will be protected, and abortion will no longer be considered another form of birth control. 

From the article on

The pro-woman, pro-life attitude is also partly due to the fact that the pro-life movement is led by millions of women who had abortions and now deeply regret their decisions, thanks to a change of heart on abortion, or a religious conversion or a simply understanding that they took the life of their own child.

I understand why people are upset over this idea. I mean, post-abortive women are the walking wounded and that wound never complete heals. Confession doesn't bring back a life. It doesn't undo your own abortion if you stop others from aborting a child. The past cannot be changed.

But if abortion is illegal, then having an abortion is breaking a law. Just like buying crack is illegal, and if you have crack, you go to jail.  Even though someone convinced you to try it, you're addicted to it, you're from a broken home, and your rap idols talk about it like it's this glorious thing. Even then, it's illegal. 

A law imposing a punishment on women who abort their babies would not be retroactive. It's currently very legal. There are lots of lies spread to women about abortion—from our court system to our healthcare professionals, to the P.E. teacher in our high school sex education class. Many, many women are victims in this culture. 

But I've known two women who had abortions. Both spoke English, had seen an ultrasound, and knew what an abortion was—that's why they had one. They did not want to have a baby at that time. Were they victims? Hardly. And if we condone fining someone who drives through a red light, how could we not support a punishment for someone killing a child?

So when Donald Trump up and said that “there has to be some form of punishment,” for women getting abortions after a ban is implemented, that actually makes sense. If something is illegal, and you do it, you (the one with the free will) are held responsible. If something is illegal, we know about it, and to avoid it. He's not talking about our present state, with legal abortion, with government-funded abortion. 

If there's no consequence, what stops a woman from killing her child? A cop pulls you over for speeding, but says, “Don't do it again.” He lets you go, no ticket. You blow past the next day, and he reminds you to slow down. He never punishes you and you stop listening. There's no deterrent because there's no consequence. What stops women from having abortions if there's no punishment? 

But now even Trump himself has changed his mind. So if abortion were illegal, and you killed your baby, you would both be victims. Welcome to America. A woman could decide to kill her own baby, then sue the doctor who performed the abortion and get a big fat check. So the baby would be dead, the woman would be rich, and the abortionist would be in jail. All's well that ends well, right?