Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dressing for success

I don't know Martha Plimpton, or how Hollywood has fulfilled all her dreams. All I know about her is that she's had two abortions as a young woman, and wore a dress with the word “abortion” written all over it, separated by (of all things) hearts.

She wore wore this dress, which is part of a campaign to #ShoutYourAbortion. Which—really? Why? Your babies heard your warrior cry loud and clear. No one else needs to know how strong you are, and how determined you were to kill your child.

The product description for this $85 shift dress: 
I've always wanted a shift dress that says ABORTION! #ShoutYourAbortion #Abortion #Feminism #Women #Prochoice
Even if you don't think abortion is intrinsically evil, a diabolical holocaust (which it is), what would possess a person to advertise it? To want to “shout their abortion” via shift dress? There are plenty of disgusting things about my day-to-day life as a mom. I've never worn a dress that said, 

Diarrhea♥Diarrhea♥Diarrhea or ProjectileVomitAtMidnight♥ProjectileVomitAtMidnight♥

Someone, bring back shame. Good, old-fashioned, straight-up shame, wherein you do something that bothers your conscience—and think about it, in the dark, in the middle of the night, by yourself, and cry, and maybe pray, and go to confession, and still have to live with it. As opposed to becoming a rabid spokesperson for every evil you commit. 

The actress said that her abortions “made it possible for me to live out my dreams and do what I really wanted to do with my life.” Which apparently means being a forty-five year old actress getting wasted with her sister who she “loves so hard.” 

Because obviously you can't kill a baby—your very own baby—and be completely unfazed by it. You might try to convince yourself, and others, that this is totally alright, but it's not. And you know it's not. I'm sure even Ms. Plimpton shed tears before and after her abortions, and maybe that's why she's shouting about it, so someone will tell her it's okay that she killed her children. 

“Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when I punish them,” says the LORD. Jeremiah 6:15
Martha Plimpton, like so many so-called feminists, doesn't fight for women, but against all that is feminine. The most defining thing about womanhood is our ability to bear children—even the angels don't have this opportunity to participate with God in creation. Small parts in movies, roles in sitcoms, and great commercial spots are not the stuff that life is made of. They are not what we will savor in our memories as we approach death. They are the most fleeting, passing moments, with no heart, and no soul. 

Feminism has taken a seriously wrong turn when an actress is proud of her abortions, while a Catholic stay-at-home-mom to four little ones feels shame over supplementing with formula

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Let's be real feminists, and burn this dress.