Monday, March 21, 2016

Boycotting the Boycott List

We jumped on the bandwagon and got one of the Boycott Lists when the Planned Parenthood videos were released last year. We were disgusted, and thought we should do something more to combat this evil. 

The list arrived, and we looked at it, and then looked sadly at my husband’s new Dockers. And thought about all those Cliff Bars we consumed B.C. (before children). We bank at Wells Fargo—I had no idea they supported Planned Parenthood. The most offensive thing they’ve ever done to me was to say, “Help yourself to the snacks for whatever kind of children you have,” and then pointed to a table with lollipops for human children and dog bones for canine children. 

But there they were, on the list.

Do we switch banks? Bank of America is also on the list. M&T Bank. Deutsche Bank. JP Morgan Chase. Should we shove our money into our mattress to stop the abortions?

The real way to make the difference—be a practicing Catholic. Instead of finding banks and work pants that were in no way involved in supporting “womens rights,” which a company can always start or stop doing, why not spend less, on better things? 

If Save the Children supports abortion, then I’m not sure there are many safe companies out there. If Ronald McDonald House condones it, why would I expect a pro-life stance from a clothing manufacturer?

Instead of looking for a contraceptive manufacturer that’s ethical (a true irony to a practicing Catholic), skip the abortifacient birth control all together and have the children God intends for you, or practice Natural Family Planning. 

I think there’s enough of a market for Levi’s and Starbucks that businesses aren't running scared if the stay-at-home mom says no to Ralph Lauren or gives up her dream of attending Bikram's Yoga College. 

I do wholeheartedly support giving up Disney—because their movies aren’t very good and don’t have very good messages for children. I also advocate tossing the Cliff bar and making some healthier, infinitely cheaper homemade granola bars

But the Children’s Aid Society has obviously lost their mind, and the Children’s Defense Fund should be sued for false advertising. The Council of Churches support of Planned Parenthood is all the proof I need that following your conscience does not magically lead to sound doctrine.  

I understand wanting to make ethical choices, but maybe that just means living within your means and using your money wisely. Adopting children, raising children, creating a pro-life culture in your home. And wondering why you ever considered letting Dr. Phil or Elton John’s charities decide what was deserving of your money.

Boycott Democrats instead—they will have a much greater impact on abortion law than that pair of Dockers in your closet.