Sunday, February 7, 2016


I impulse bought this beer from Costco the other day, because of the name.

And it was delicious. Because I am going on zero sleep, I only drank a small glass and then felt like I could crawl under the dining-room table and sleep for a year. My husband said I looked deep in thought.

Motherland: Russia, obviously. At one time I wanted to be a Russian Lit professor. Also, in high school an exchange student from Russia was living with a close friend. His name was Denise, just like mine. My mother went on a mission trip to Russia and brought back pictures of yellow castles and souvenir hand painted bracelets, and my wanderlust kicked into overdrive.

Motherland: Being a mom of the stay-at-home, noncontraceptive variety. The capitol of Motherland is somewhere between the kitchen and the “laundry room” (which is a closet off the dining room). The state bird is the stork.

Motherland: The Church. The Church is our Mother. Mary is our Mother. And I am home.